Friday, January 3, 2014

The New Year

Hello, dear readers :)  
Have you contemplated your new year's resolutions?
I decided to get back into my box, sock box, that is.  
So without further ado, one pair of socks is done and another one started.

I was in a rush the previous year when making socks. 
 It took me only 3 days to make the last pair to have enough to go around.  

So, now I know, there's no excuse for SOCKS this year. LOL

Just have to find a suitable box to put them in with a bar of lavender soap which makes them smell divine, while working on a bunch of them.   My thought is to make enough socks, first!
Then work on my weaving with dishtowels.

I will be hopeful for the new year!
Until later...

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