Sunday, January 19, 2014

Another Football Sunday

Hello, dearies :)

Moving right along....This sweater is just a fun piece.  

The baby alpaca is so soft to work with.

I'm almost done with the body of the sweater and then pick up the sleeves.  

The pattern is copyrighted as Patons 2001, Upside-Downers Child's Sizes 2 to 

Adult's Extra Large, with very easy instructions.  As long as you get the gauge, it works!  
I compared Paton's yardage vs baby alpaca yardage.  I'm hopeful that what I had in my stash will be enough. (fingers crossed)

 I love the 11 stitch band because the fronts can be changed to another 11 stitch, band design - whatever floats
your boat.

What's really great is that I don't have to sew anything, except to sew on the buttons.

Hope you are enjoying the day :)
Until later...

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