Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Found Treasure (Maybe)

Hello, dearies :)

I've been trying to clean out stuff.  You know how that goes....UGH is the word.  How did I get all this stuff!  Where did it come from?  Did it have babies while I was away?  Ha!

While cleaning out, I found the Sunwashed Log Cabin Quilt, by Lynette Jensen.  I had started this quilt a very, long, long time ago :)  I don't think Thimbleberries fabrics exist anymore, do they?
Would you believe I started piecing a few bunch of squares by HAND?  What was I thinking??
What I thought I might do is to continue on with the way I started and it's gonna be a long process.  When I get tired of it, I'll switch to something else.
There are many ways I can put this all together.  So for the moment, I'll be stitching and stacking squares.  
The quilt measures 84 by 98 inches.  Quite an undertaking :)  Will see how it goes.
Until later...

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