Sunday, December 1, 2013

Almost a disaster

Hello, dear readers :)

I'm happy to tell you that my granddaughter was en route from the Albany, NY area on a train bound to NYC at the time of the THE train accident.  She was not on this particular train but the one behind it.

She made it to Pratt Institute okay and was in her dorm, after they were diverted by bus.  We were so worried and so thankful at the same time.  We are saying prayers for those who were caught in the disaster.  Our hearts go out to them and their families and we share blessings with everyone.

Putting that aside, I did manage to put my new loom together.  She is so sweet and ready to go.  I don't know what to make first!  Thank you, Pam :)

I did manage to use my Cricket to make a sample.  But I wasn't satisfied with it.

So tomorrow I'll play with it again.

The actual new loom from Ashford is 28" in length which is capable of doing place mats, towels, and shawls!  I'll have a lot of thinking to do with this new loom since I've never done anything on this loom yet.  The threads are to die for.  Woo hoo.

Until later...

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