Thursday, September 26, 2013

Try, try again

Hello, dear readers :)

Well, I got the latest inkle off the loom.  I played with it a bit, trying to use a pickup stick and changing the design.  It was kind of interesting.

What I really want to do now is make the alphabet and numbers.  It's not as easy as it looks.  So I wound up with a dark lavender and white crochet cotton.  Oh well, live and learn. 

So, I'll continue on this one until I'm done.  What really ticked me off was that I tried to warp it four times and when weaving was under way, I noticed that I did not repeat the pattern.  UGH!
So I guess I'll find a use for this one.  Maybe a small basket.  Not sure yet.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Until later...

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