Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sugar Plum

Hello, dear readers :)

Today was doctor day.  Oy
You might as well plan the whole day for this, right?

My appointment was at 9:30 am for a full physical.  I had some surprises though - over a certain age, you get an EKG yearly.  Okay!  Woo hoo! They checked my ticker and that didn't deviate from the first one taken last year.

Hmmmmm.  The next surprise after going from head to toe and inside and out, into every nook and cranny, like butter finding its way into an English muffin, you had to answer stupid questions deemed by Medicare!
Have YOU done this?  Unbelievable!

Questions like, do you have carpeting?  How about a night light, do you climb any steps? and so forth.  Then another test to draw a shape and draw a clock.  How about remembering apple,  table and penny.  Then an eye chart?  Do WHAT???

Are you kidding me?????

Then the last thing on the list was SURPRISE!!!  You're getting a flu shot AND a pneumonia shot!  Wow!!!!  Totally mind blowing!

Anyway, because of a good deal of anxiety today,  I didn't get very far on my sugar plum, just the cast on, well, maybe later tonight.  (I lost the px of the cast on, sorry :( )

Until later ...

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