Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sick Puppy

Hello, dear readers :)

Hope your day has gone well.

For the past couple of days our Max wasn't himself.  He started sneezing and had an inverted cough, that I thought was asthma  (dogs don't get asthma), so the vet said.   He kept sneezing and his nose kept running.

We went to our wonderful vet today to see what he had to say.  Our veterinarian is really the nicest doctor we've ever had.   Everything turned out okay.  But Max had his temperature taken and it was on the rise, so he got a shot. Tomorrow I'm going to start his morning with a dose of Clavamox.  Poor baby.  He likes to sleep on his back and gets in some pretty weird positions :)
He's kinda zonked now.

So for the moment, I put my loom away and picked up my tatting.  I had to rip out a whole row because I was making mistakes.  Ah, it's sooooo slow going.

So maybe I'll be working with my tatting and taking care of my dog for a couple of days.  Just want to make sure he's okay!
So, everyone, have a wonderful evening.
Until later...

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  1. Oh poor Max! Here's hoping you feel better soon!


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