Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's Football Season Again

Hello, dear readers :)

Yep, football season is upon us and that means we watch football all-day-long, evenings too.

Sunday finds me relaxing  a bit.   I'm still working on the lavender and cream band.  It's not long enough yet.

I've prepared my draft for the next inkle as a companion to the one above.  Hopefully, I'll have this smaller one done and off the loom, quick!  I rather enjoy threading the inkle loom.  I don't know why :)  But when I'm done with the threading preparations, weaving really goes quickly.

I'm waiting for our dinner.   Sushi rice, chicken breasts, and a can of Campbell's mushroom soup all in a casserole for about one hour.  I forgot to add sliced onions (my bad).  It smells divine though.

Hope your weekend was great!

Until later...

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