Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday, rain, rain and more rain - woopie

Today was another doctor day.  LOL

I guess, it's been doctor's week.  Off to the eye doctors today.

What a day.  Guess what?  I have a bottom eyelash that is growing  inward and gonna grow into my eyeball.  Ever heard of that?  It's not causing any problems at the moment, but my eye doctor will be happy to remove it when it becomes a problem.  No detached retinas or whatever, glaucoma no. New prescription for contacts, ever so slightly changed, she tweaked my contacts and glasses as a back up.  Wonderful!  So now that's done.  I'm tired.

Tomorrow I'll work on something, not too sure what though LOL.  I haven't touched the Sugar Plum sweater yet, except for casting on  for the sleeves.

It's been raining all day long, sometimes really hard.  We're thinking about getting a boat and store it outside when it rains like this.  We need waders.  But, we're not complaining, we desperately need the rain.

Just stuck  chicken breasts, rice, and mushroom soup in a casserole and let it cook. The chicken breasts come out very tender, complete with rice and "gravy" - very good.

Tomorrow we're going to a fish fry party, and hope that the weather is okay!  Have to remember to take my camera!

Until later...

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