Saturday, September 21, 2013

A tisket, a tasket, how about an inkle basket?

Hello, dear readers :)
We managed to stay dry when the storm hit.  We got 5 inches of rain!  And, boy did we need it.

The next step is  mow, mow, and mow. LOL

So yesterday evening I played with making an inkle basket.

 The red and white basket was my first test piece.  The inkle strip was about 1/2 inch and didn't know what I was doing :)  But, that's normal.

 So after I put the red/white one together, I started to make a paper prototype.  I measured the width which was .75" and cut my strips for the base at 7".  Now to figure out the weaving part. Hmmm

I still have a ways to go on how to perfect this little basket.  

Until later...

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