Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's a wrap!

Hello, dear readers :)

Well, I managed to finish off my test piece.  I need a lot of practice with my  edges.  I loved the 5/2 weight of cotton.  So smooth!

Now that this piece is off the loom, the next step was to thread my own warp. Yikes!
First, I had to make 20 heddles which went well.  I really didn't think I could do this, but I took my time.
Okay, that went fine.
The heddles are a beige color.

Okay, next was the threading  of the loom.  I thought that it went well, even when I inserted the headers.
I thought I was ready to weave.  But, I noticed one of the threads didn't go under the peg so I tried to repair it. (WRONG)
Then all my threads when berserk and I had a mess.  I tried to repair it (not well, in fact) but I finished it. 

 I also noticed that I was missing threads on both ends.  Duh, stupid, ach!  Another observation was that for some reason I didn't have the correct number of threads on both sides.  Duh

But here it is! LOL
I ordered a great book for the inkle loom and it's currently en route.
I hope I get better with this.  The action of weaving is so calming.
The hardest part was to thread the loom and after that the actual weaving went fast.
Until later...

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