Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inkle Anyone?

Hello, dear readers :)

I didn't realize that I hadn't blogged for a while.

I've been messing with my Cricket.  The picture doesn't do justice.  I tried to take a px of the threads. 
 (My bad) It's kind of messy. LOL

Something new to work on!
I never heard of tablet or card weaving!  It's history is amazing!
 I've been investigating how to do this with my Cricket.  
You are supposed to work on an "inkle loom" to make these special bands, but I kinda figured it out how to still do continuous warping and then go from there with the cards.
You can see bunches of oats and I think mini wheats cereal boxes that I cut out a square and marked them a, b, c, d, and then number them and punched 4 holes in each one.  I had enough to make 24 cards.  They also recommended using a deck of playing cards (of all things)!
I'm still learning.
So, okay I've been trying to make the cards work.  Forwards, backwards, 1/4 of a turn or more.  There are all sorts of patterns one can do by manipulating the cards.  It's fascinating.
You know what's coming, don't you?
Once I get the procedure down, I think, think, mind you, that I'll purchase a small inkle loom along with this great book I found, "Card Weaving" by Candace Crockett and some processed cards!
Hope your day is going well.
Until later...

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