Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy as a clam

Hello, dear readers :)

I am definitely having fun.

I dug around for some crochet cotton to contrast with the white and  found a sparkly red, 10 weight.  I made a mistake on the previous band by using two different weights of cotton, the pink was a size 3 and the white was a 10.  Now I know :)

This time I threaded the loom for the whole length of approximately 8 1/2 yards. I thought I'd have trouble with the threading, but it went really well.  Now, I'm trying to keep working on my ends to get a nice smooth look. 
I'm not sure  what I'm going to do with this band.  It might be a good Christmas ribbon to wrap packages with?

I find this weaving very relaxing.  Soooo, you know what I'll be up to.
Until later...

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