Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Go Fish

Hello, dear readers :)
I have 24 cards, will probably need more.

Well, I kept trying since 7 am today and figured out how to fix the cards.  I had so many issues and got into a tangled mess several times.  I saw that there was a definite twist behind the cards, that I couldn't untangle.  UGH!

So, I keep going, where, I do not know. LOL

I thought I had a good idea to use my Cricket Loom but it's way too clumsy to weave bands.  What I have in mind is yes, yet another loom, like I said before.  I'm trying to get DH to buy me an "inkle" - who knows.
I still would like to make him a pair of suspenders and a bag with bands sewn together.
I have the ideas, but not the correct equipment.
Well, back to the drawing  board.
Until later...

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