Thursday, August 8, 2013

From one old bag to another!

Hello, dear readers :)

It was too hot to do anything today.  
Yesterday was even hotter.  
Us old folks don't do the heat very well.  
We crisp!

So, today I have been playing with my weaving using the Cricket Loom.  (I just adore the Cricket)
This first bag I experimented using some picking which will turn into a pointed flap.  I thought about making a 1"  or 1/2" band for the handle, but that has to wait for the moment.  I've used
 the "Rowan" again (can't seem to kill it) with the green sock yarn.

The next one I used the the variegated green for both warp and weft,  and everything changed - a disorganized plaid.  Amazing.

So, just to give you the sense of what I'm doing (do I really make any sense?).  I'm thinking of lining both bags, maybe with a little interfacing and stitch up the sides.  I may change my mind.  :) 
I do know that I need to warp the loom as soon as I take whatever I'm weaving, off.  
Then I'm all set to go, whenever.
Hope you are having a great Thursday!
Until later...

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