Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello, dear readers :)
Oh my!
I couldn't believe it.

Amazing. Wow!
This scarf was woven on a Cricket 10" loom.  12 dent - warp length 3 yards.  Wool is the fingering weight.  After I took it off my loom I let it soak for quite a while and then I popped it into the dryer.  What I got was some sort of design that I couldn't help myself - the wool did it on it's own!  I guess that's the fun of it.  It also fluffed out the fringe which I really thought was cute.  So you really never know how it's going to turn out !  I'll have to steam it next.

Then I began warping for the next one.  I'm using a variegated sock yarn for the warp (unknown brand) and for the weft the same "Rowan" fingering and look how it turned out!  Another surprise!

Well, I can't wait to see what this looks washed, dried and pressed.
Hope everyone is having a great Monday!
Until later...

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