Friday, July 12, 2013

My very first scarf using the Cricket 10" Loom

Hello, dear readers :)
I've been having so much fun!

After a little practice, I started a scarf using (stash) Brown Sheep Lamb Sport and 1 ball Rowan fingering weight wool (I have no idea what color it is or yardage), missing it's wrapper.

I warped the loom with the Lamb Sport and even that was fun to do.  
This first picture is at the end of the scarf.  The measurements are 7" wide and 65" long excluding the fringe, before washing. I need to learn how to hemstitch because I love the look.

 I still have issues with the selvages but I suppose that will come in time.

I'm really enjoying this and I have tons of wool to use, so since it's off the loom, I need to wrap it again!  I'm thinking I might investigate the 15" loom, hmmmm?
Until later...:)

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