Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Hot, Thursday Afternoon

Hello, dear readers :)

We've been watching our rickety old bird house which needs a new roof, 'cause our babies have hatched.
If you look closely, I tried to get a shot of the baby birds.  We have 3 babies (we thought there were only 2) and it's been a feeding frenzy.
They are such fun to watch.

I hope they stay in there and not fall out.  We wouldn't like that very much.

Yesterday I broke down and placed an order for a 12 dent heddle, some pickup sticks, and two more shuttles. You just knew I was going to do this, right?
It's another hot, hot day out....just right for another scarf.

First I'll show you what I have finished so far.

All of the scarves were made with the Cricket 10" loom with an 8 dent heddle by Schacht!
All of the materials for the scarves are from my stash.  Like I said, I've got lots.
Scarf 1:  Brown Sheep Lamb Sport (this is on a cone) and 1 ball Rowan Silk & Wool.  
All measurements are excluding the fringe.
7" wide x 65" long before washing and 6 1/2" x 61 1/2" after blocking.

Scarf #2: 1 ball Rowan Silk & Wool, 1 ball KnitPick's Essential sock yarn.
7 1/4" x 60 1/4" before washing and 6 1/4" x 55".

Scarf 3:  Hanne Falkenberg (fingering) 2 balls blue.
Before washing 7 and 3/4 " by 70".

 For the 4th scarf I am using the remainder of the Lamb sport and one ball KnitPick's fingering weight.  I've got a little bit more to go.

So, basically I'm using fingering wool with an 8 dent for most of my scarves.

I can't tell you enough that weaving is so much fun!  If you had told me that I would try weaving, I'd never believe you.  It's so relaxing and so exciting to see the designs and colors come to life.  
I have been rooting in my spare room looking for some of my hand spun wool.  I have several stashed different kinds that I spun on my Sonata, and a huge tub of unspun. I usually spin in the winter time. 
I can't wait till I really get going and use this.
So, wishing you well today !
Hope you're having fun!
Until later...

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