Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Side Trip

Hello, dear readers :)

We are feeling much better today (thank goodness).
Now we have to deal with the heat!
Rather feeling the heat than feeling ill, right?

Okay, you know I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for another skein of yarn for my baby blanket and then saw extensions for my knitting loom.
The light bulb went on so I just had to buy them.
I've never tried my hand at "weaving" so I gave it a try.

This loom I'm using is the Authentic Knitting Board Loom 28" size with 10" extenders on each side.  I'm using a full board and a DK wool for the base with a fingering weight strand of orange every 8 rows.  I'm playing with a 1:1 basket weave and reversing it on the second row. I've also added fringe as I'm working the rows as I go along.
The only thing that is a drawback  that I really don't want a 10" wide scarf, but for the moment it would do.  A 5" extension would be wonderful and a perfect width.

So, dear readers, I'm going to play with this for a while.  
Need to come up with some more weaving patterns.  
I think that you could become very creative with this wonderful tool !
Let's hope :)
Until later...

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