Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh well

Hello, dear readers :)
Today was HOT!  Right now it's 104 degrees.  Agony!
Nothing to report today in the way of crafts.  I'm in a funk.
Just a note:  I can tell you that I went for a hair cut the other day and I had a picture of how I wanted it cut, no biggie. I asked the gal to cut it and she went ahead and started. Okay.  As she was cutting it, I'm thinking, I really don't like how she's doing this.  The haircut I wanted was in essence, a Jamie Lee Curtis doo.  Not a mind blower, an old fashioned pixie, and punk it up! 
 I ended up with a butcher job.
What I should have done was pull out the px that I had showed her first and said,  "Do you really think it looks like this px?"  She had  given me a part and had it slicked over the side - DISASTER! 
I think that when I get a bad cut I let it grow out so no one can do it again.  I've let it grow several times and donated my hair.  So guess what, I'm not letting anyone cut it AGAIN!
I don't have enough paper bags to cover my head until it grows out.  I even considered getting a wig.  Maybe I should just get what's left - shaved off - and let it grow again.
Nasty, nasty, nasty!
Hoping no one else has had this experience.
Until later ...

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