Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello, dear readers :)
Today was a bit unusual.  I have no clue what happened.
I tried to get online to work on my blog and could not connect with Google Chrome.  Did anyone else have that problem??
I tried uploading, downloading, deleting, restoring and whatever else, I was a mental case.
Finally, I thought maybe the Chrome had left the air.  I tried all day and zip.
So I opted to try to get back on and find another browser which completely took me out of my comfort zone.
My IPad worked but not my laptop.   I can't blog with the IPad and have no idea what the cause was but it was very, very frustrating.
I'll have to see what tomorrow brings. I do know that blogger likes you to use Chrome, but I can't even sign on with it.  Go figure.  Maybe it had a meltdown today.
This just makes me nuts!!!
Let's hope, until later...

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