Friday, June 28, 2013

Oh well

Hello, dear readers :)
Today was HOT!  Right now it's 104 degrees.  Agony!
Nothing to report today in the way of crafts.  I'm in a funk.
Just a note:  I can tell you that I went for a hair cut the other day and I had a picture of how I wanted it cut, no biggie. I asked the gal to cut it and she went ahead and started. Okay.  As she was cutting it, I'm thinking, I really don't like how she's doing this.  The haircut I wanted was in essence, a Jamie Lee Curtis doo.  Not a mind blower, an old fashioned pixie, and punk it up! 
 I ended up with a butcher job.
What I should have done was pull out the px that I had showed her first and said,  "Do you really think it looks like this px?"  She had  given me a part and had it slicked over the side - DISASTER! 
I think that when I get a bad cut I let it grow out so no one can do it again.  I've let it grow several times and donated my hair.  So guess what, I'm not letting anyone cut it AGAIN!
I don't have enough paper bags to cover my head until it grows out.  I even considered getting a wig.  Maybe I should just get what's left - shaved off - and let it grow again.
Nasty, nasty, nasty!
Hoping no one else has had this experience.
Until later ...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

4 x 4

Hello, dear readers :)
Today I'm working on some more squares.  Sorry my picture quality is not very good.  I'll fix it later.  Just seeing if this program is working.
Until later...

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Hello, dear readers :)
Today was a bit unusual.  I have no clue what happened.
I tried to get online to work on my blog and could not connect with Google Chrome.  Did anyone else have that problem??
I tried uploading, downloading, deleting, restoring and whatever else, I was a mental case.
Finally, I thought maybe the Chrome had left the air.  I tried all day and zip.
So I opted to try to get back on and find another browser which completely took me out of my comfort zone.
My IPad worked but not my laptop.   I can't blog with the IPad and have no idea what the cause was but it was very, very frustrating.
I'll have to see what tomorrow brings. I do know that blogger likes you to use Chrome, but I can't even sign on with it.  Go figure.  Maybe it had a meltdown today.
This just makes me nuts!!!
Let's hope, until later...

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Hello, dear readers :)

I tried to make a few more squares on the Zoom Loom, but came to the conclusion that the square looks so crisp on the loom and when you pop it off, it looks great as well!  But I'm disappointed as to how to attach them.  I didn't like any method that I've seen and tried.   
So, I'm putting it away and trying to find something else to do. 
 My thoughts turned to tatting (of course)!

Last night we watched the moon come up and it was really something.

Until later....

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sewing Squares

Hello, dear readers :)
I just could not leave it alone.  I have fussed over how to put these squares together.

I stitched the first one with a whip stitch.  Eh!

Then I felted it by putting it in some hot water and soap and let it soak for 10 minutes.

The grey one, I single crocheted through 16 loops and then felted it.

I think that will work.  But this last one, I'll have to rip because it's not even.  But it's getting closer!

Until later...

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Hello, dear readers :)

Well, I've been making these 4 inch squares and they looked so cute!
So I thought I try to sew a couple of them together!!!
I can't find a decent finish for them, and I've tried everything I know how to sew seams.  I'm almost tempted to stitch them by my sewing machine.
 I'm going back to my tatting for a bit, to think about how these little squares go together.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Still At It

Hello, dear readers :)

I know the px doesn't really show it well, my sorry.
I've been making squares and almost done with enough for a back of my sweater.  The Zoom Loom is just a fun thing and it's almost instant gratification within 10 minutes.  Still knocking around some ideas that I'd like to do but I'll keep at it to make more, more squares for this project!
Until later.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

It's Sunday!

Hello, dear readers :)

I've been working on my 4" squares and yes, they are like eating potato chips, you just can't  make one.  They are that simple.
A review of the Zoom Loom.  Compact, easy to maneuver, only 8 yards of thread.  Easy markings on loom so you can't make a mistake.  Threads I've tried were a fuzzy mohair - nope didn't like it. Tried worsted weight, no, no, no.  I really like how the DK looks and the fingering weight, definately.  

So I've decided to make a sweater out of the squares.  I don't know where it's gonna go, but who knows.

Still playing with this, stay tuned.
Until later...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday

Hello, dear readers :)

Here is the surprise!

This is a Zoom Loom!
I just couldn't resist this gadget.  It arrived yesterday and I'm having a fun time.


The pink square is made from a DK and the orange is fingering weight wool.

The 2 pink swatches and 1 orange above were my first tries.

So far I've done a couple more.
I love how the little 4x4 squares look!  I haven't washed and blocked them yet so they'll plump up when I do.
The company who made this is Schacht and you can find info at
There are more resources out there by searching for "pin looms."

Until later...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fingering wool and stuff

Hello dear readers :)
I've been trying to get organized and you all can identify cleaning, is sometimes a new discovery of something you put away for a rainy day?
No matter.
I have bunches of fingering weight wool.  I just love how the wool feels and how it drapes so beautifully!

I've started to pile it all together in one place and there's much more to go.
But, I have a definite purpose in mind..hee hee hee

I found this nifty tool that I can't wait to try and it's coming very soon.  It's making me nuts!
I've been all over the net to gather as much information as I could find, but I'll surprise you!

We're picking our wonderful tomatoes.  We have a few, but the hot sun really does a number on the plant.  Last year I had a cherry tomato plant that never did anything until the weather changed. I had oodles of tomatoes that popped out, but they got frost bitten. What a waste.
Anyway, we'll get to enjoy a few.

I love rosemary for just about anything and it's doing nicely (thank goodness)!

Mr. Bunny decided to chomp on some grass in the back, glad he didn't find my tomatoes!

Be back in a few days to show you my new toy.  I hope you'll like it!
Until later...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Little Rain

Hello, dear readers !

Nothing really new here today.

Still working with the loom.

Another walk around day and looking at another loom, buy!
The reason for another loom to (justify the cost ) DH is that I have so much wool - GOBS of wool, you wouldn't believe it.  I just need a venue to get it outta here!  So I found another type of loom that would work.


We had a bunch of rain today, a day to kick back and relax.  We still need more rain though.

One bright spot was a first flower that appeared on my plant.

Until later...

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Side Trip

Hello, dear readers :)

We are feeling much better today (thank goodness).
Now we have to deal with the heat!
Rather feeling the heat than feeling ill, right?

Okay, you know I had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for another skein of yarn for my baby blanket and then saw extensions for my knitting loom.
The light bulb went on so I just had to buy them.
I've never tried my hand at "weaving" so I gave it a try.

This loom I'm using is the Authentic Knitting Board Loom 28" size with 10" extenders on each side.  I'm using a full board and a DK wool for the base with a fingering weight strand of orange every 8 rows.  I'm playing with a 1:1 basket weave and reversing it on the second row. I've also added fringe as I'm working the rows as I go along.
The only thing that is a drawback  that I really don't want a 10" wide scarf, but for the moment it would do.  A 5" extension would be wonderful and a perfect width.

So, dear readers, I'm going to play with this for a while.  
Need to come up with some more weaving patterns.  
I think that you could become very creative with this wonderful tool !
Let's hope :)
Until later...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Bitten by the Bug

Hello, dear readers :)

Sorry, I've been away for a while.  DH and I experienced a stomach virus that just about knocked us out of commission.  It hasn't been very pleasant and haven't been able to do much....we didn't even enjoy eating - until yesterday.

We decided to go out to eat for our anniversary.  We had to do something!  I could have put a bag over my head so no one could tell I didn't put any makeup, but  I didn't really care and didn't feel like cooking a thing, so I printed off a coupon for the Outback and we enjoyed the most delicious dinner, ever!  It was so yummy, the meat was done to perfection and I couldn't make up my mind about which sauce to try so I opted for two sauces on the side for 2 Victoria prime steaks.  It was to die for. We scarfed our meal and saved $5 and even got a free glass of champagne (for our anniversary) with strawberries!

If there's a special restaurant that you like, it's worth a spin on the web to see if there are any coupons available and sign up for deals.  There are several places like Texas Roadhouse, Genghis Grill, Outback, etc..

Outback was just wonderful!!!!

Hope all is well with everyone.  Until later.....

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