Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doggie School

Hello, dear readers :)
Today was a turning point for DH and me. 
 Our dog went to kindergarten!  
We highly anticipated that he would be in "time out" for an hour, but he was okay for his first day!
DH had misgivings, though.

We learned a few things (LOL) WE....need I say more?  We got a product to help him NOT to bark at everything.  It's called "Stop That," and guess what, it worked!  Oy! It was worth the money, just for this!

Father and son were doing fine at first!  DH was a little squeamish with the whole thing!  Poor Max.

So here we go!!!!!

I couldn't take pictures inside because I had to watch what DH and I were doing.  Next time, maybe...
Both father and son did well for the 1st class.
Can't wait to see the next class (LOL)!
I finally decided on a pattern and wool for the new granddaughter.  I'm using a fingering weight and EZ's 

pattern and hope I will have enough of both wool to complete the sweater.  I may have to hit Hobby Lobby tomorrow to find the green wool.  I'm on a knitting marathon tonight to see if I have enough.  Holding my breath!
Until later...

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