Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ditch It - no sequins

Hello, dear readers :)

Today is the perfect day, it's gonna rain this afternoon (hopefully).  We need the rain.
I've been fussing with EZ's pattern since "all day" yesterday.  I finally came up with what color wool I wanted to use and began knitting in my sweater.  You can see how far I got!

I was going to town and was happy it was at a point that it would have been been done soon.

DH looked at it and asked what the sparkly things were.  I said they were sequins.  In his wisdom he said that he didn't think the sequins (which were already incorporated in the wool) was a good idea for a baby.
Of course, he was right!  What was I thinking!

So last evening I was looking for a coordinating color of wool/cotton/blend to go with the fabric I selected.  This raspberry color, I guess, will work.  It's an oldie called Casino which is a two strand cotton.  I've gotten this far since this am.
Don't think DH would find anything wrong with it. (I hope)

So, I'll be working hard trying to get this done so I can work on the little dress to go with it.
Enjoy today :)
Until later...

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