Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby Surprise Jacket by EZ

Hello, dear readers :)
Things have been hectic nuts around here with the dog being sick and we think he's on the mend. 
(We hope!)

Today, I'm a granny again.

 Her name is Sadie Lee.  She was born today at 1:58 am. -  7 pounds and 11 ounces, 18 inches long!  She looks just like my son. So adorable.  I can't wait to hold her!
Mother, son and baby are all doing well.

So this means, everything has stopped until I get a few new projects off the table and in the mail for my new granddaughter.  I'll be doing a lot of knitting now, so DH can cook and clean  and go get groceries.
 HA! Ya, sure :)
I'm using EZ's baby surprise pattern for her sweater and coordinating it with fabric and using a sewing  pattern that I posted ages ago.

So, for this one, I'm using a duck theme for a little dress and coordinating sweater-have not found duck buttons yet.  And I thought I'd hunt up some duck stuff like a yellow duck for the tub?  If anyone has seen them (buttons/yellow duckie) around please let me know :)

Okay on to two more projects and they are
owls and ladybug dresses with matching sweaters.  I thought I'd also make a little headband to complete the outfit. (If I have time!)

I'm not sure what color wool to use for the ladybugs because the buttons are on the darker side of red.  I may have a green wool that would match, but I haven't looked at it yet.  And then the owls I thought a pretty pink or maybe pale blue, not sure yet, until I get playing with it.

So, this weekend I'll be starting off by making a copy of the original pattern.  I never cut the pre-printed pattern but use do-sew to trace the pattern size that I want to use.  So basically, if there are 4 pattern sizes, I can choose the one I want and transfer markings onto the do-sew that I want to use.  If you think it's time consuming, it's really not.  You have more flexibility with the style if you want to make a change, like add a ruffle, or change the line of the design, or whatever is your fancy.  It's also convenient to put all your new pattern pieces and mark it and put it in a baggie and save the master.

It's also going to get very cold again tonight.  I didn't want to lose all my tomatoes and all the blossoms.  I even have tomatoes already popping out.  It looks ugly but I hope I can save them.

Well, I've talked enough for the day.  Am going to make dinner, organize my stuff for tomorrow, and after dinner gonna sit and knit a bit.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Until later...

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  1. Congratulations and felicitations! How wonderful, will we get to see a picture?


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