Monday, April 29, 2013

Emergency Visit

Hello, dear readers :)

Nothing much to report today, I'm still working on the next round and it's very slow going.

Over the weekend, we had to rush Max to the vet.  He would be doing something like playing with his ball and then an awful howl and cry (I really can't describe it) but it was God awful.  He couldn't walk on his back leg.
We got to an Emergency Clinic after hours and he was diagnosed with  a luxating patella. So that called for a  pain killer, like a giant aspirin.  I administered the 1st 2 doses and one more to do for today. 

DH got to sleep on the new bed while I slept on an air mattress so the dog would stay on the floor with me, instead of trying to get on the bed.  I'm looking for my Bengay to get out some kinks. I feel like a pretzel.

So our regular vet opened today and we made an emergent visit.  Come to find out, this is not a rare occurrence for a small breed, and it does happen.  So we got some more medication and he had his well check, with all his shots to boot, all at once.  At least that worked out well, and he's happy again, and taking a welcome snooze (he'll have to take it easy for a bit though).

As I was leaving the vets, a woman with a tiny, really cute, fuzzy dog had come in and sat down.  I made the comment that I need to start my weekend all over again.  She agreed with me!  Her poor puppy had broken his leg and she also went to the Emergency Clinic last night!  We both had the same vet at the Emergency Clinic...hmmmmm, I'll let you fill in the blanks.

Hopefully I might at least get this row half done today, no promises.  We are all pooped out.
Until later...

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