Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Honey Napkin Garden

Hello, dear readers :0)
Our a/c is working nicely, didn't need much air today because it was really nice and cool outside.  So, I started all over again on row 9  and I'm not sure why, but this row looks choppy.  It doesn't look very smooth to me.  Maybe this round doesn't want to be pink?  I guess I'll keep going, but I still have issues with the round until I can find someone to explain the motif and if it's 2 shuttles or 1 ball and 1 shuttle, flip or the shoelace trick, or switching shuttles.......
 What do you think?  Change the color and or find another way to tat this?  UGH
So, while I'm fiddling with this row, in between I'm doing some spring cleaning.  Where does this stuff come from?  We vacuumed and shampooed our rugs, started throwing out crap and generally a good thorough clean.  PLUS we have a house guest from Florida on the way. It's nice to get a really clean smell to the place and our air conditioner working properly !!!!
Okay, if anyone has ideas let me know?????
Until later.....

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