Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Honey Napkin Garden

Hello, dear readers :)

The bed is grand.
DH and I splurged for new bedding, and OMG!
A beautiful, plush blanket and new quilt and shams.

So I did manage to get to the next row.  Looking ahead, I'm not sure about a couple of rows that look like split rings, and maybe a floating ring.  (Yikes)
I guess I'll worry about it when I come to it and then yell (scream) for help! 

One thing I'm going to make an addendum to, is to call this piece the Honey Napkin Garden/pattern by Renulek.  As I've stated before, this is not my pattern.  It belongs to this beautiful tatter and pattern maker and you can find her tat-along on her website that I've mentioned before.  Fabulous tatter!
What I'm attempting to do is create a blending of colors of the garden.  I wish now, that I made the center medallion/rosette in red or pink.  But, no matter.  I can do it all over again LOL!!!
By the way, so far the colors used are 621, 627, 678, and 690 of Lizbeth size 20 weight thread.
Going to work on my next round and see you soon!
Hope you are having a glorious day.
Until next time...

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