Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Honey Napkin Garden: Almost Done With Another Row

Hello, dear readers :)
I've been working very hard.  
This round, I had done a few motifs and when I picked it up again, 
there were so many joins when I made mistakes, it didn't look very good, so...
I cut it off and started all over again.  
I'm so anxious to begin the next round because it's really different.  I made the decision to use a variegated yellow with the green to depict daffodils (or some other yellow flower).
I've really tried to focus on getting my stitches uniform and have a little bit more to go with this round.  I need to finish off the tails but thought that maybe I should wait until it's done and wet when blocking and then hide the tails.  (I'm not sure)!
So, will see how it comes out tonight!
Until later...

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