Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Keeping Busy

Hello, dear readers :)
I've been working on several projects.  I'm still working on the "Napkin" and this row is taking a lot of time.  When you look at the 9th row and add about 10 more rows- it's gonna be big!
DH wants me to make one of these for his sister.  I had her pick between white and ecru.  Ecru it was!  So I've ordered  6 balls of Lizbeth size 20 in color 603.  It's a light ecru.  For her piece I'm going to have it framed!  I'll still have to ask her what background she would like to go with her walls, and what color frame.

Along with working this, I have begun a quilt for my new granddaughter.  I really love paper piecing (first love) and red work quilts, to name a few, LOL.
I unearthed an old Mother Goose pattern from Grandma Rachel's website and found some beautiful, excellent quality muslin and copied all my patterns, so that's done.  I've used a red pigma pen 05 for tracing.
Now the task is to embroider all 9 squares.  I love to see a nine patch square in red and white blended with the embroidery.  I may change my mind, though, but I doubt it  :)
Then I went to the fabric store and found this pattern.
So, I thought I would use my embroidery machine to embroider some teddy bears  or hearts, balloons, or whatever child design I can find.  Not sure yet :)  But the pattern is perfect for what I want to do.

So I've been busy with the craft stuff.  

Tomorrow I'll show you what has been planted so far and I'm getting itchy to play with the dirt.
I hope YOU are having fun, too?
So, I'll be about you?
Until later...

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