Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jan Stawasz Tatted Treasures

Hello, dear readers! Still working on html power. We had a terrible storm go through here this am. It was one of the most "electrifying" storms that we experienced. I was afraid that lightning would hit a tree and come crashing down. When DH and I went for our daily ride for the dog, we found a lot of trees, twigs, brush down, all over the place. One unfortunate home owner had a hugh tree that had fallen down on his car. Thank goodness it wasn't his house. There were many people there to see the damage (with amazement) and help with the mess. The storms are still out of control with tornadoes headed east. We say a prayer for those in that area. So, today I played and was really amazed at what I accomplished. I am working with Jan Stawasz's book, "Tatted Treasures" on page 64 which is a cross bookmark. I didn't think I could ever, EVER follow a chart! I was determined! I used two Starlit shuttles, since they hold a lot of thread, but they're kind of clunkey but that's okay. I'm glad I worked with two colors so I could figure out the swing of the stitches. Here's the mess but I'll make improvements :) LOL
Until later....

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