Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Cucumber Sandwiches

Hello, dear readers!

Sorry, no pictures today !
I didn't have time.

We finally went grocery shopping. OMG!  I had to hire a U-Haul, LOLOL and find spaces for all the loot at home.
I will not tell you how much I spent for "ingredients" for various, off the wall, different (?) foods, stuff for an English tea and the lot.

We had a lot of fun.
Who knew?
I'm not telling you this, but my DH has already gained 6 pounds!!!!  OMG!

Yet to come, to purchase a wok, a popover pan, and hunting for my crazy frog tea pot.  Still haven't made it to Bed Bath and Beyond (beyond the moon is more like it $$$.)

I'm also looking for a tiered tray to display my goodies with my English tea.  
Sandwiches and dessert.  Bring out the crocheted tablecloth and nappies.

AND my first try will be Michelle's cucumber tea sandwiches.  Her recipe (if I may use it) is in the comment section.  Let me know Michelle :)

I'd love to try an area on this blog for recipes that we can add to, but I'm not too sure how to do that.  Any suggestions?

Michelle also has a fantastic recipe for her famous "egg salad" that I'm going to make as well.  Her ingredients just scream "MAKE ME."

I'm just having a great time with food experimentation.  It's amazing.
DH is now cutting up a frosted carrot cake prior to his dinner.  I guess this could be considered his tea?  What is the normal time that the English would have their teas?  
That's a question for Michelle.

I wish everyone a happy New Year and try something different.  Experiment with food, a recipe, change something up a bit.  Get out of the box!

Scones and lemon curd?  Coming up!
Until later........

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  1. Oh, I hope you do make the cucumber sandwiches. I'd love to hear what you think of them! And the egg salad. A place to share recipes, neat idea!


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