Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sugar Plum

Hello, readers!

I hope today finds you with great weather outside.

I've been working slowly, but steadily on this sweater.  It rather surprised me that after you do a front, the directions tell you to go on to work the back, then finish the other front. Normally, patterns I have found tell you to work the fronts first.  But, no matter.  So, I'm almost done with the back as you can see.

I think when I finish the back, I'm going to complete  the pockets to get rid of the stitch holders.  I have tried to weave in the ends  after so many rows, too .  I don't think I'd want to wait until all the stitching is done to finish this task.  Plus the threads don't get in my way.

When I start on the sleeves, I'll do them both at the same time.  BUT I'm not sure if I want the fruit on the sleeves or just plain knitting.

And you know what tomorrow brings......FOOTBALL!!!!!
Have a great weekend.
See ya Monday.....

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