Sunday, December 30, 2012

Resolutions: An Asian/Thai Wokin' good English Tea

Hello, dear readers :)

Today, DH and I went to one of our local grocers.  It was interesting to see what they do and don't have there in the line of Asian/Thai food.  
It will take another trip to one, local "Asian" market that I've never been to, to get the rest of my ingredients.  
So, I'm trying to  "collect" as I go along.
Will have to go at my own pace and try a dish to see if DH and I like it and go from there.

I bought mangoes, chicken breasts,  shiitake mushrooms (which I have never tried), fresh, fragrant and "live"  basil, coconut for cooking, rice sticks and some skewers.  

Originally, I thought I would use the wooden sticks for skewers that would need to be soaked.  But, then to be much more practical I thought about using stainless steel skewers.  These appear not to be of a stainless steel quality, however, but I'm going to try them out anyway. 
I can probably find the real deal at Bed Bath and Beyond tomorrow.

Besides my popover pan that I'm going to buy, I have been investigating woks.  I never knew there were so many to select from, what to look for, and their price range.  Some are 200$ plus!
What an eyeopener!

So what I have learned is that I should get a stainless steel wok with a lid, preferably already seasoned, along with a heavy bottom.  Hmmmm
I already have a bamboo, 3 tiered cooking basket, which I love to cook rice and a few veggies all at once,  and the food turns out really well.
Trying to learn to use this bamboo apparatus the hard way was really quite disappointing in the beginning.  I had some really nice fish fillets that I wanted to steam.  I put the fish in and submerged the bamboo into the bottom of the pan.  My first mistake and wasn't thinking.
Of course, the water started to boil, the water covered the fish, and the fish was reduced to mush.    The fish totally disappeared.
Stupid, old woman.  We had pizza that night.

Since I also just adore fresh herbs, I'm going to start growing them in my window, so I have them year round.  I have a couple of aerogrow contraptions, a fad at the time, but they also did well, but now I think that my southern window will do the trick. Instead of buying nutrients, seeds, and lights and such and having the lights on most of the time and a most annoying "hum" with the machine,
 just some pots, dirt, herbs and tender loving care, will do fine.   

So, for the New Year, I'm going to concentrate on cooking Thai, growing herbs, and playing with my wok. AND try to perfect my popovers.  LOL

Today, I'll be cooking a roast beef with Yorkshire pudding for dinner in a little bit.  Will let you know how it turns out.

Then, switching gears to learning how to make a proper English tea with sandwiches/confections for every afternoon.  Something I always wanted to do.

Now on the hunt for the perfect tea pot and rest of the dishware for cream and sugar containers and small dishes and recipes for scones, cherries in pinot nori wine, cranberry tarts, individual vanilla cheesecakes with lemon curd, water cress, etc., etc., are you drooling yet?
I sure am.

Until later....
Happy Crafting

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