Monday, December 31, 2012

O..M..G!!! You won't believe it.

Hello, dear readers!

I must be on a rampage for delicious confections, and whatever strikes my fancy.  
So, while I was searching for  Great English Tea confection ingredients, I came upon "How to make perfect McDonald's french fries" and it's now 8:30 pm here and I had russet potatoes, no peanut oil, just a regular oil and sea salt, he preferred a French salt, BUT I made them anyway!
I actually fixed this as a snack, it really went fast and they were gone in a flash!!!

They were out of this world!  And FRESH!  OMG

If you're curious about the recipe  (I changed a few things - did not let them sit for 2 hours, I needed them NOW!) you can find this on "'s-style-french-fries-at-home.html"

Zowwie, for sure!

Delicious, fresh made, unbelievable.....move over McDonald's!  I was very impressed.  Why not make fresh French fries ?  Who needs to go and buy them when you can have them FRESH?  Now, I ask you. It doesn't make any sense.  Fresh is much better and what a taste!

Well, happy New Year to everyone....
Don't drink and drive.....
Be safe.
Love to all and happy New Year!

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  1. Careful now, first the tea and now McD's fries? You're going to have the hordes at your doorstep!

    Here's the cucumber sandwich method:
    Slice cucumbers thinly, sprinkle salt over them, layer on paper towels and let rest for 30 minutes or longer. (Some peel the cucumbers, others remove a thin strip lengthwise spaced regularly, 3 or 4 times but you can leave the peel on)
    Remove crusts of white bread. (I usually use Wonder bread but have done it with wheat bread!)
    Spread on a thin layer of butter
    Spread on a thin layer of mayonnaise
    Cut into circles or squares.
    Place sliced cucumbers on squares/circles.
    Sprinkle very lightly with Lawry's seasoning salt.


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