Saturday, December 29, 2012

Move Over Chef Ramsay

Hello, dear readers :)

Chef Ramsay just about did me in.  
I had to watch all of his "Thai" food videos.  
So today found me looking all over the net for Thai food and the recipes.  
I got inspired and it's one area of "food" that we haven't tried yet.  
I'm still making out a grocery list of items I want to try.  
Another adventure.

Our grocery store(s) here are run by the "Brookshire Brothers", there are several located at strategic places all over the city  and they carry everything that you can imagine.  
We travel around a loop and all the stores that you can imagine are basically on the loop.  
Pretty cool.

So, after going pc shopping, looking at circulars and such, I came upon homemade, stuffed crabs.  I had purchased a  packaged of frozen, stuffed crab a while ago, but it didn't appeal to me then.  
So tonight was a real treat.  DH and I were very surprised!

Amazing :)  Don't they look wonderful?

I pre-basted them with real butter and cooked them at 450 degrees for 20 minutes.  
The thermometer was to reach 165 degrees.  
They were cooked perfectly and the stuffing was out of this world.  
I can see this dish as an appetizer when company comes.  
They were that good.

So the moral of the story is somewhat funky.  
Blame it on Chef Ramsay, looking for Thai food brought me to stuffed crabs and 
what am I going to try next?

Future recipe to try will be Thai green mango salad.  I'll have fun shopping for this next week.  
I've never tried it, but it sure sounds yummy.

However, I didn't get my popover pan yet, maybe tomorrow.  
And yes, these popovers are about the equivalent of  a Yorkshire pudding.  
So tomorrow I'm going to cook a roast of beef and make Yorkshire pudding on top of the juices.  
Thank you "CarpeDyem."  
Can't you just smell the aroma?

I'm having a foodie attack.  LOL

Hope all is well with everyone.
Until later......
Happy Crafting

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  1. I like to have my traditional yorkie filled with mince - Yorkshire Mince. I do it in a big pan, cook the batter for about ten minutes, pull it out of the oven and fill it with mince (already cooked and hot) then put it back in the oven for about 30 mins. I like it with roast spuds and roast parnips. Delightfully delicious!


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