Thursday, December 13, 2012

Jingle, Jingle, Jingle

Hello, dear readers :)

I have nothing to show today because we went shopping, trying to get things accomplished and we did!  WOW

I must say the last crunch is done.  DH and  I had a wonderful day.
First, we went to Olive Garden for a Christmas lunch.

I always order a salad and mussels and for the first time I had a mussel that had an ice crystal attached to it and it was rather cold.  This never happened before and I hardly ever complain. 
(I've been watching too many "Gordon Ramsay" shows. LOL)

But this time, unfortunately, I called the waitress over and explained. (I'll never do that again.) 
 I felt bad. 
 I just told her that this one mussel was kinda cold/with ice.  
She took it away and then the manager, of all things, came over to apologize.  
He wanted to know what he could do to make it right.

I said, nothing, just wanted to let you know.  
After this little incident, I became very embarrassed -I hate a scene.  Don't get me wrong, the mussels were delicious, as always.  One that was frozen and three that had not opened.  The manager wanted to send back the rest of the mussels and give me a new plate, but there was no way I could eat more.  (It would have been a waste.) 
Okay, no problem.
I'll know next time NOT to complain.

In the end, the manager took the price of my meal off the ticket and gave me a $10.00 certificate towards a return visit.  I really didn't want anything to happen.
I'm still embarrassed.

So, lesson learned today.
I will keep my mouth shut for sure.  
It was really nice of the manager, though, I must say.

Anyway, with our Christmas lunch over with we went to Bed Bath and Beyond and we had a ball.
We had a limit of money to spend for one gift and I bought so many weird things. 
(I would have actually liked myself) 
I'm going to create a basket of goodies for my stepson.  
So tomorrow will be all the wrapping and getting to the Post Office/UPS - whatever.

So, we're almost done as we speak.  I'll be glad when it's over.

Happy Holidays to all.

Until later........ (Maybe I'll have something to show!)

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