Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Around the Corner

Hello, readers :)

It's Thursday already and I"m still at it.  You guessed it, tatting.

I've managed to make two corners but it's slow going, but that's okay.

It might take me another day to finish it, then on to blocking the edging and steam pressing.

So, remember that I was talking about rolling my own hankie?  

Well I have my sewing machine foot now and found a piece of batik that appealed to me.  So when the above hankie is done, I'm going to attempt to roll the edging on this baby.

I'm not sure what color I'll settle on for the lace.  This one is like a deep rose, but maybe I'd be better off with an ecru?  

What do you think?  

Match the color or contrast it?  The edging that you see below is one of my favorite.  I like trefoils.  But maybe it needs something a little more lacy?

I seem to be hitting on romance colors, and to me the mauve, greens and creams (even a pale yellow) look really nice, but that's just my opinion.

I am still WAITING and WAITING for Handy Hands to release her new shuttles. 

I can't stand it!
Maybe I can pre-order?  I'll have to check.

Fox News has shown us the weather that's coming up. " Frankenstorm" and "Monster Mash" for hurricane Sandy,  and this just cracked me up, LOL I loved it. 

Maybe we should take notice and go get provisions and get ready to hunker down.

You know what I'll be doing LOL

Until later.....

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