Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Motto for Today is Never Give Up

Hello readers :)

Yup, it's another football day, but

early this morning, after about 4 good, strong cups of coffee, I tackled what has been a real problem for me in the world of tatting.

Attaching an edging as you go! 
I went online to see if there was a video that could help me.  I found Frivole's site and she had pictures of her attaching an edging, but I just couldn't get the hang of it.

Believe me, I tried.

If you remember a few posts back, I started the hankie with the upside down basket and because I couldn't figure out how to attach the tatting then, I used needle tatting.

Now,don't get me wrong, I really enjoy needle tatting for some things, but I had it in my head to use a shuttle for this project.  I like this method as well.

SO.......I started out by using the number 3 pattern as before and used my scraggly, mangled, hankie to  experiment with.

And, do you know, I finally GOT IT - Yippee )

Okay, so I found one pink hankie from and matched it with Lizbeth size 20 thread color 621.  Perfect match.

I"m taking my time, too.

When this pink one gets done, I'm going to venture out to a much larger piece.  I found this cute paisley pattern in black and white and selected a charcoal black, Lizbeth size 40 weight.

But, first things first, right?

Hope you are all having a wonderful day.
Until next time...

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