Sunday, October 7, 2012

Oh, I had a request

Hello readers!

An addendum to the day.

One of my biggest passions since "sliced bread" is knitting socks (among other things, but this would be first on my bucket list, you didn't know that, did you?)  So at every off chance I get, I knit socks.  It's plain and simple.   I'm a closet, sock knitter, I"m obsessed    I use a plain and simple design.    No muss no fuss.  Do the math.  Cast on 56 - divide- heel stitches - pick up the stitches and go like hell.   I love a cuff with a rib that shapes the leg and likes it to extend to the toe.  It looks elegant, wears well, and doesn't slip down on you.  

So I had another request!

Since I make socks for Christmas gifts (among other things),  I have to start right after Christmas.   But change off when I get tired of something, like tatting?  Who knew?

I knit socks, socks, socks.  My kids want socks!!!! DH doesn't have a pair yet, but I have one done.  His foot is so big, it's a little daunting. LOLOL  Throw away the socks and let him wear the boxes they came in. It would be kinda neat to see that. LOL

The top two socks, have silk intertwined with wool, and nylon, the charcoal socks, have a blend that really feels wonderful to the touch, a little cashmere and the blue socks on the bottom are really different.  I can't describe the feel, really well, but they are soft, soft, soft.  Most all of my socks are wool with nylon/blend to retain their shape, but at times, I like to see a little extra punch.  So I've tried various brands and really don't have a favorite, they're all wonderful.  As long as they aren't 100% wool.  There is no snap or give with that.

Okay, Arllys, you can have your pick, OR we can go with a color that YOU want!  I'll repair the purple sock.

Until tomorrow.....I think I need to finish the black sock, quick,  LOL. Just in case.  I did test out the sock knitting the other day.  Using this pattern, I can knit a pair, two of them,  in  3's pushing it a bit, but I can do it.  (No housework allowed, of course, or cooking!)

Until tomorrow.....? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  
Get out the Bengay!

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  1. I love to make socks but have really put away my knitting needles. These are pretty inspiring though! Gorgeous! I especially love the top ones.


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