Friday, October 5, 2012

Nothing in the Mail Today

Hello readers.

I was hoping that the other hankies would come today along with some threads from Handy Hands.

Maybe tomorrow.

I made a little headway on the variegated blue - more to go.  I can do this without the pattern now.  So that was one hurdle.  However, I thought that I would begin to practice on the easy edging that I really like as well. Ha! 

I am using an abused, mangled hankie that I've been playing with just to see how the stitch works out and then I cut it off and start again.

The light purple is a 10 weight and I didn't like that.  Plus I'm doing something wrong when I make the attachment which is 5ds join 5ds.  I seem to be inverting the stitches and I'm going to continue around in the blue and green colorway until I get it right.  It's really quite a simple pattern.   

Until later.......?

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