Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's a Wonderful Tuesday

Hello, readers :)

It's really a pretty day outside, but it's WARM, WARM, WARM.

We had a taste of cooler weather previously, but that is not what it's to be today.  Friday should bring some rain which we really need.

Pretty soon, though we'll be enjoying fall. ( I hope )

Would you believe that I still have a bunch of tomatoes on the vine that are getting bigger and better and the plant is over producing!

I worked a little on my Alice Starmore sweater, yesterday, in between the campaign news and debate.

  I keep finding more colors to add and I'll probably use them as I really get going.  I'm  already thinking about a second sweater. 

 But I'll have to see how fast I can knit this one first and what color selections I can use and have available.

When I work on a sweater that has so many color changes and patterns, I make a sort of shorthand to each row.  I take the time in the beginning to mark stitches.  For example, to knit a design, I would write down, 3 -2-1 to tell me 3 brown 2 white 1 brown and repeat (working with two colors). 

 Knitting really goes fast when you use this method.  I'm sure you knitters out there have your own quirks as to how to do a pattern, and this is mine.

And, here is progress on DH's afghan.  I have always been captivated by the crochet ripple pattern.  It's old and timeless, looks neat and crisp.  You can add and change colors at will and it probably wouldn't make too much difference at all.  I had several skeins (quite a few, actually  LOL) of "Super Savers" so I hauled out what I thought was ALL the washable knitting worsted.  With that being the case, I had to organize what I had to make a pleasing colorway. 

 I don't think it's too shabby, do you?

DH wants it extra large so he and his dog can relax in HIS chair with THEIR  " woobie. " LOL

Today we were going to have lunch at Applebee's but when we arrived there, it didn't look open.  There was a gal in Applebee's dress who approached our car and said that they were closed today because of management issues. Hmmm.  We got a $5.00 rebate card whenever we decided to come back.  However, the card's expiration date was for 2011.  We thought that was kind of hilarious.

Since Olive Garden was next door, that's where we headed.

While dining, we noticed that Olive Garden was really filling up, quickly!  The talk of the diners was that they also went to Applebee's and found that it was in such a state, so they came to Olive Garden.  They were really, really packed.  
They must have really been pleased at doing a stellar business lunch today.  

However, the salad was very, very skimpy and the dressing seemed to be missing.  Heh, go figure.  I had mussels which were ( so, so ) okay and DH had soup.  The soup was okay.  It felt like there was a rush on Olive Garden today and they really out did themselves in terms of customers.  Maybe they skimped on the salads because there was such a people crunch that they couldn't have imagined?  

We've never really had a bad meal there, except for one New Year's Eve.  They must have anticipated a good crowd that evening, but we had an ice/snow storm that kept a lot of people off the road.  Dumb as it was, we were not that far from Olive Garden, and that evening, it was really the worse meal we ever had.  I can tell you it was horrible.

 They have to thank Applebee's for their tremendous business today.

So with lunch out of the way, have to do some laundry and then settle down with one of my projects for the rest of the day.  DH decided to take a nap.

Hope you're all having a wonderful day.
Until later...

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