Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's Sunday and of course....


Hello, dear Readers.

I have no pictures to post today.  I'm still working on the pink hankie.  I'm almost at my 3rd corner.  It's slow going, but that's okay.

I just ordered a few more hankies from and asked them to select a really good variegated match for each of them...So will have to wait a bit with these.

Yesterday I played around with my sewing machine and tried to learn how to use a rolled hemming foot.  It worked fine, after I fiddled around a bit, 
THOUGHT that I would like to use the batik fabric. 


After I turned the hem, and could NOT get the corners perfect, I tried to use a size 12 crochet hook to pierce the fabric.  

WRONG  !!!!!!

I should have known that batik is a very strong piece of fabric.  So that being said, I"ll have to figure out something else. 

Later, much later, LOL

We are watching this Frankenstorm or Monster Mash as the TV stated.  Our friends and relatives are in the path and we are saying a prayer that everyone will be okay.

Until later....

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