Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little Pain - A Little Gain

Hello readers :)

After a  very frustrating day, yesterday, I went down another avenue.  I had a notion of the following:  

1.  What could I do to a piece of fabric to make a hankie? (I know, I"ll mangle it to death.)
2.  How about embroidery?
3.  Finish with a tatted lace?

Okay..... I am also an avid quilter, I have bunches of fabric.  And to my hoarding shame, I buy bolts instead of yards. Yep! LOL

Okay....What about cutting a square of fabric (my choice of inches) and roll the hem.  I tried this today and wasn't satisfied with how the hemming looked.  So.....I need to buy a rolled hem foot.  Hopefully, I can pick one up at my friendly Bernina/Husquvarna - Rose/Brother dealer(s).  Whatever I can get - and quick!  
I will learn how to make a rolled hem, I've never done it on the machine at all, so this will be a first. 

With that all said and done, I then thought that I could decorate my own hankie with a plain design, or a seasonal design, like for Christmas.  Okay......

I played around with the embroidery component of my machine and came up with a butterfly which was already built in.  I used a plain motif to start with and it came out okay.  Except on the left upper wing, facing you, my needle decided to pop out and hang there, but I managed to get it back in.  OMG!  That was scary.   

I'm going to have to  measure and mark the corner of the hankie so this will take a bit of maneuvering.  But, it shouldn't be a problem.  (I hope)

Okay, I've selected my butterfly and need to roll the hem and then I can tat an edging.  I'm not sure what color butterfly I want to use, so whatever color I choose l can coordinate the tatting color lace.

I know that I can make a square fabric, need to roll the hem, then embroider the butterfly and add the tatting.  We will see what happens.  I'll give it a go.

Until later.....pouring over tatted edgings for this one.  Maybe I can find a small butterfly edging?

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