Sunday, October 7, 2012

A Cool, Lazy Day

Hello to all readers!

Today is a little cooler than we would like it to be.  It seemed to "snap" that quick, into fall mode.  Don't get me wrong, it really feels wonderful.  I must confess that I had to put the heat on and get out more cats to put on the bed :)  Our dog didn't really like that idea, since he is "king" of the house and everywhere else. LOL

And, it's football day,   all --- day--- long :)  I'm not doing so well in this respect , my teams are not winning. Heh

Soooooo, yesterday, the FedEx dropped off a package AND my thread arrived from Handy Hands.  


When I first opened the FedEx package, I was excited.  Looking  the hankies over, hmmmmmm.  Granted, the hankies were really nice - remember a "case" of them.  But, there was not really a selection.  One embroidery set, was embroidered on  14 hankies - the rest were a little different.  I guess it doesn't matter though,when you change the pattern and thread. 

I really liked the Lizbeth thread, though - 20 weight.  I would have never picked the colors to put them together.  So I just had to experiment with them.  I love how it shades for the flowers.  I probably will use this pattern quite a lot.  After I got done making some samples, I continued on the blue one.  It has a ways to go.  But I'm determined to finish it.  I thought that I would sew it on by hand using my invisible thread.  Will see how this looks when I get to it.

So here is my little tatting box, with supplies for tatting.

Now, do you know, do I block the lace when it's done?  Then sew it down?  Or, wet the hankie with the edging and steam it or what?  I guess I'll figure it out.

And, after our dinner and in between the games, I'll be tatting....
Until later....have a great day!

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