Monday, September 10, 2012


It's been 11 years since 9/11.  Can you believe it?

I really, really, really hate to fly, but we had been offered a free trip to Costa Rica to the little town of JACO. (Pretty nice for a DH salesman).   We had to go to Dallas and pick up a flight that would take us to Miami.  I was a complete mess.  Of all things, I'm sitting in my seat and they were having difficulty trying to close the luggage hatch. (oh hurry up)  That was very nerve racking with a delay of about 30 minutes.  I was a basket case.  Finally, in the air, we went onward to Miami. That wasn't too bad. Landing in Miami, I was a lot better mentally, and actually got seated by a window for the rest of the journey.  OMG!!!  I finally relaxed and took pictures out of my window (really ?)  Soon we landed in Costa Rica.  We reflect.

The next journey was by bus to the other side of the island.  Now, that was an experience.  If you've ever been on a bus in Costa Rica, and look out your window, and you don't see any ground, it's a sheer drop. One lane road littered with pigs and goats.   I wouldn't suggest you take a bus.  Trust me.

After seeing a few sites, we went back to the hotel and some of our group was talking about New York City and what had happened.  We were all stunned.  I can tell you, it was a horrific moment in time.  Everyone rushed to their televisions.  We reflect.

Unfortunately with this happening, our tour was done and since the President declared no planes in or out, we were stuck on foreign soil for extra days.  When the curfew was lifted only a handful of planes were allowed.  Days later we had to take that dreaded bus ride back to get our plane.  Boarding the plane was like a gift.  When we reached Dallas, thank God it was a straight flight, because we couldn't imagine getting off in Miami and renting a car.  We were thankful for small favors.  Everyone on the plane cheered.

When we landed we kissed the ground and left Dallas for home.  Never in our lives have we experienced anything like this. So on September 11th, we go back and visit that trip and what actually happened, the good and the bad.  We honor those who helped the fallen and those that gave their lives and how many families were involved and words really can't express how we still feel about that day.  We reflect.

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