Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's a Rainy Day Here

I love it when it rains.  But not so, necessarily, when I have a leak in the kitchen window (still). Got out some plastic tubs and lined the sill with 'em.  Will have to get in touch with a roofer to find out exactly where the leak is coming from.

However, on a happy note, I managed to finish my necklace and all I need is a lobster claw clasp and blocking, and then it's finally done.  I have another great idea but will have to design the piece first and I want to use a creamy white thread with pearls and crystals.  I'll need a sketch first.  I might attempt it later, but I worked on this piece all morning long.

This morning, when I went out to gather up the newspaper, I noticed some mushrooms just sprouted over night with the rain.  Yesterday they looked like lollipops.  I have no idea of this species and we'll keep it that way. We'll mow 'em down tomorrow, weather permitting.

Today is also football day....secretly, I'd rather be watching a "chiller" but DH has hogged the remote.

Hope everyone is have a wonderful day.  Until next time...

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