Wednesday, September 19, 2012

It Was My Turn Today

Well, my yearly checkup worked out well this time. Everyone needs to get a checkup once a year, that means pap, psa, mammogram, colonoscopy at the proper age, I think 50 for a baseline, UA and your blood work.  Believe me, it's a good thing to do.

DH said I grind my teeth at night, who knew? So we went to our dentist and he created a bite plate and now I don't grind my teeth at night AND I don't snore (believe it)!  It's worth the trip at any cost to get a "once over," and cleaning and to ward off anything else.  Don't wait until you get an abscess.

Blood work was the same as last year with the exception of my thyroid value.  It was running around a 2+ and then jumped to a 4.  So, we are going to watch this. There are several factors that could have caused this.   BP was rather elevated, heh (the white coat syndrome, every time) but after a lengthy chat with my doctor, she took it again, and it was where it should have been.  Phew! It's the only place that I go to  that my BP goes up!  Go figure.

I even had an ekg done!  That was simple enough.  I'm glad I did.  The strip showed I had some irregular "burps" which I put down to taking calcium pills.  So these have been stopped.  I would get this feeling like a light palpitation like a jumpy feeling in the morning and couldn't figure out now I know.

The only thing left to do is to have a bone scan done.  Frankly, I think this such a hype.  Don't get me wrong, I believe in preventative medicine, but please, when you get older you DO shrink up a bit.  So????  I think this is a waste of money and time.  What are they going to do, stop bone shrinkage?  There is no way at my age that I am going to grow new bones, now am I....useless.  But I go, to keep my MD happy.

I probably should not drink strong coffee either because of the palpitations, but I haven't had any recently.  So anyway, DH and I love our coffee any time of day or night and I like it really strong. This could be my first clue, heh.  My first love is a Costa Rican blend coffee, yummmmmmm.  When we were in Costa Rica we couldn't get enough of it.  The second love is Paul Newman's Special Blend.  We got a Kureig coffee machine and we just love it.  DH loves the "raspberry chocolate truffle" and when brewed, it's such a heavenly smell. (I drool).  It's really, really fast and done in a second or two.  We can get two cups from one little container.

Ah me, so I had such good intentions today and tried to get one more necklace done so I can mail the lot.  Here's what I did so far and tomorrow I'll have to send everything overnight, for sure. UGH!  There was not enough time.

Until later....

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