Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Good morning everyone.

Yesterday I took some time to surf the web for a pattern of tatted, hens and chicks. I tried to use the needle, but didn't like to "cut off the ball thread."  That really didn't appeal to me.  So I found one decent shuttle to work with.  I wish would get the new ones in.  I'm drooling here.  Originally, I thought that I would purchase 2 but I changed my mind, and I'll get 4!

So I've been playing with this pattern.  I am using a teal color # 686 which is a size 20.  I'm not sure how fine I want to go, yet!

So I pulled out an Lizbeth orange color 695 in size 40.  The cream is by DMC perle 12 and DMC perle 8, so I can determine how it's gonna look.

Also on the web were a few articles of how to make your own hanky by punching holes with a "wing" needle.  I may try this later.  The pre-holed hanky is over $5.00 for one.  I have three of these that I've never used.  So we'll see how it goes.

Hope you are all having a wonderful....until later

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