Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Doctor Week

You know how it is, there is always a month that you and DH have to make the rounds to various doctors with checkups and pill refills, not to mention the dentist. It's just wonderful, isn't it?  I guess you wonder how you would ever survive without all those pills,  I hate pills, I only have 3 to take, plus vitamins, but I haven't had the vitamins in a month, so I'm curious to see what my blood work reveals.  If it's larger than an aspirin, it's too big for me to take (heh).  God, I hate those horse pills.

Okay, so with that out of the way today for DH, my turn tomorrow, I focused on the last piece of jewelry to make for an upcoming show.  It's curious though, that I found that I like the look of the perle cotton and its sheen.  It just adds a little kick to the piece.  I thought I might try dying some size 10 thread, but that's for another day.  I'm too tired now to mess with more tatting.  It's all ready to join it's place with another piece and some earrings.

This evening will find me curled up in my chair either to finish another sock for my sock box and/or an afghan for DH for Christmas.  I don't know yet.  Knitting vs crochet.

Hope the evening finds you well.  Until later........

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